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Hire competent, legitimate SEO Specialists that took our training course. SEO Specialists earn the right to be listed here by passing our 60-point Final Assessment, so rest assured, you're in good hands.

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Why choose our certified seo specialists?

up to 9 hours of seo training

Our course offers up to nine hours of self-paced SEO training with the right balance of theory and practical application.

final assessment passers only

At the end of the course each student must first pass a 60-point, multiple choice final assessment before they can receive their certification. The passing score is 60%.

hire directly

No middle man - contact workers directly and hire them as a full-time, a part-time, or a project-based employee.

no on going fees

We don't take a cut from workers' salaries. Start browsing through and contacting SEO Specialists profiles immediately. 

coming soon: apprenticeship

Students will soon be able to experience agency-level SEO work experience with our Apprenticeship Program.

hiring a competent seo specialist can be a hassle!

There’s the signing up on the (possibly paid) freelancing platform.

And then posting the job listing.

And then you have to trudge through dozens of applications

Once you’ve found a decent application, you now have to go through the interview...only to realize that he or she isn’t the one.

So you go back to sifting through applications over and over and over again.

It’s a hassle right? We know. We’ve been there.

That is why we created SEO Training Philippines - the most comprehensive SEO training course in the Philippines (we’re the #1 ranked SEO training course in Google by the way - beating more established agencies along the way)

We established this training course to help my fellow Filipinos become competent SEO Specialists, capable of competing globally.

Once they graduate and get their certificates, their profile gets listed here for your perusal. These SEO Specialists have undergone up to 9 hours of rigorous training and passed the Final Assessment, a 60-point multiple choice exam.

getting started is easy.

Just follow these 3 easy steps and you're on your way to a headache free SEO campaign.

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